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“Skyline” is the name of the new Güell-Lamadrid Collection, created in collaboration with the illustrator Fátima de Burnay, who to conceive it was insipired by the vibrant island of Manhattan.


She brings out elements of the city during the design process, such as the geometry of its buildings, and multiple colours and abstract shapes reflected on the Hudson River.

The collection has three very unique designs, presented in three ranges of colours and printed on a linen-cotton base.


Illustrator, designer, painter, hat maker and apprentice of everything: a refined and bohemian soul that resists to schedules and straight lines.
This is Fátima de Burnay, an artist known for having casual and colourful style, characteristics that she always tries to capture in her designs, managing to reflect the exquisiteness and originality of her essence, in her artistic work.